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Based on 16 reviews
Perfect for 3 oz shot glasses

This shrink wrap was great! Shrunk nice and tight! I had perfect results for 3 oz shot glasses every time! It was pretty easy to remove as well! Would definitely buy again!


These shot glasses were great! I also purchased the shrink wrap. Together each pressed perfectly. It was my first time doing these shot glasses and I didn't have one bad press. My design popped, colors were bright and crisp. I will definitely buy again!

Great printer!

Been using the BY for a month now and love it! The quality is fantastic. The maintenance is simple.

Great Product Great Orice

I've ordered Sublimation Mugs from Joto for awhile now. Order has always come quickly and in hood shape. Very Hi quality product and a great price.

I love them!!! The only issue I have is the image area is more like 3inches and the outside edge of the slate is closer to 3 1/2 inches. But I do say that the quality of the picture that is sublimated on it is so nice that it makes up for the size.

Great Print and Quick Joto Service

I purchased this printer, it was delivered way earlier then expected. Very easy to setup and use, currently running 12 to 16 hours a day with no problem. May need another one soon to keep up with the demand.

Great quality, amazing price!

So happy I found these! Best selection and prices. Love JOTO, will definitely be purchasing again!

Love these water bottles!

Great quality, sublimates beautifully and you get two different caps as well as a pad for the bottom so it doesn’t slide.

Gold Strike!!

Been using another brand of HD Panels for years. Over the past couple of years, the quality went down about as quick as the price went up! Got lucky a few weeks ago and found these panels. My design style is predominately dark and grungy, so blacks are super important. It's been awhile since I've gotten the saturation of black, without a shit-ton of adjustments, as I did with the first print on these panels. I'm sold!!

Sublimate great!

Did a few for a friend and their logo turned out better than I expected!

Fast Shipping

I’m grateful for the quick shipping because I always forget to order before I run out :)

I bought 2 cases! So far good!!

Artwork looks amazing on these panels.

I create my art with alcohol inks which may fade over time. I scan the finished artwork and put them on these HD panels and they look amazing.

Excellent quality and price for these 40oz tumblers! Did them in convection oven at recommended time and temp. Would love if they brought in the exact same ones but in smaller 20 oz or 30 oz!

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