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Cap & Pocket Presses


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Joto's Cap and Pocket heat presses are designed to make the application of transfers to various types of headwear and small garments both efficient and straightforward. These presses stand out for their versatility and ease of use, featuring interchangeable plates and cap platens that can be quickly swapped out to accommodate different items, from caps to t-shirts, enhancing productivity and creative possibilities.

Their compact design ensures they fit into small spaces, making them perfect for use in constrained environments like retail counters, trade show booths, or mobile events. This space-saving aspect, combined with their simplicity in operation, makes them an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their offerings without requiring extensive additional space or complex training.

Furthermore, these heat presses are compatible with a wide range of transfer materials, including flex, flock, laser, and sublimation transfers, broadening the scope of design possibilities. Whether for professional garment decorators seeking to offer more to their clients or hobbyists looking to explore the breadth of heat transfer applications, Joto's Cap and Pocket presses provide a reliable, versatile solution.
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