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DTG Pretreatment Machines

Joto’s Pretreat machines are the answer to perfectly pre-treating every shirt, every time.

Garments often require a white under-base to give colored ink greater vibrancy. The process of preparing those garments is called pre-treatment.

The pre-treatment process can be done either manually or with automatic devices like Joto’s Pretreatment Machines. This process creates a sealer or primer on the shirt and stops the ink from staying wet and forming puddles giving the color ink a surface to print on and not bleed or mix. When the shirt is put in the heat press the heat then activates the pretreatment as a bonding agent so the print can grab into the fibers and become one.

The main factor for when you use light or dark pretreatment boils down to one thing, are you printing white ink? If any white ink is needed dark pretreat must be used. The factor is not the color of the shirt but the colors in the graphic you are printing.


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