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Sublimation Ornaments

At Joto, we offer a wide range of high-quality, customizable sublimation ornaments in various sizes, providing unique and reliable solutions to elevate your business. Choose from our selection to add a unique style to your offerings.

Why Choose Our Sublimation Ornaments?

These are the following types of sublimation ornaments:

The Types of Sublimation Ornaments

These are the following types of sublimation ornaments:

Metal Ornaments

Metal Ornaments

Ceramic Ornaments

These ornaments offer a more traditional and elegant look. They come in various shapes such as round, oval, star, heart, and bell.

Plywood Ornaments

These have a rustic and natural appearance. Common shapes include circles, squares, rectangles, and more unique forms like Christmas trees or snowflakes.

Fabric Ornaments

Typically made from materials like polyester, these ornaments can have a soft, plush feel.
They often come in shapes such as stockings.

Slate Ornaments

Slate Ornaments

What are sublimation ornaments?

Sublimation ornaments are decorative items made from materials that allow for images and designs to be permanently printed onto them through a heat transfer process known as sublimation. This process ensures vibrant, long-lasting colors.

How does the sublimation process work?

The sublimation process involves printing a design onto special transfer paper using sublimation inks. The printed paper is then placed on the ornament, and heat and pressure are applied. The heat turns the ink into gas, which permeates the surface of the ornament and solidifies, creating a permanent image.

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