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Desktop Printers

Joto's Desktop Sublimation Printers, including the Virtuoso SG500 and SG1000, are tailored for printing on polyester fabrics or polymer-coated substrates, offering a comprehensive solution for sublimation printing needs.

These printers are highlighted for being the first fully integrated desktop systems designed specifically for sublimation purposes. They feature a self-cleaning routine that optimizes uptime while minimizing power and ink usage, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective. With WiFi connectivity and the ability to print at higher resolutions, these printers ensure not only high-quality output but also user convenience and operational efficiency.

The Epson SureColor F570 complements this lineup by delivering exceptional print quality with its Precision Droplet Control, enhancing clarity and sharpness for rigid and soft substrates. Supporting a wide range of media and capable of printing at resolutions up to 2,400 x 1,200 dpi, the F570 is versatile for various printing projects. It also features automatic and manual sheet feeders to accommodate different printing tasks.

These printers represent a leap in technology for the custom printing business, providing tools that ensure vibrant, high-quality prints across a wide array of products, thereby meeting diverse customer demands efficiently.


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