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DTG Accessories

When it comes to DTG inks, we have options tailored for specific printer models. For Epson DTG printers, the Epson® SureColor F2000/F2100 Inks are designed to deliver precise color management. These individual cartridges (600mL) ensure vibrant prints.

Maintenance is key to printer longevity. The Ecofreen Mister T1 Maintenance Kit provides essential cleaning components, helping you maintain optimal performance. Additionally, Epson offers a range of maintenance supplies, including head cleaning kits, maintenance tanks, cleaning liquid, air filters, and flush pads.

Lastly, let’s discuss platens. These are the foundation for secure garment printing. Epson® F2100 Platens come in various sizes and shapes, accommodating different garment types. Choosing the right platen ensures consistent results and happy customers.

Remember, investing in quality accessories ensures smooth printing and longevity for your Epson DTG equipment. Feel free to explore these options further or seek personalized assistance!


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