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Pearl Coating™ 17oz Sublimation Travel Mug

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Create high-quality, custom travel mugs with Joto's Stainless Steel Travel Mug. Each travel mug comes with Sublimatable White Plastic Insert. These travel mugs are designed to fit an automobile's cup holder. There are endless opportunities and markets for custom stainless-steel travel mugs.

Pearl Coating™ 17oz Sublimation Travel Mug - Joto Imaging Supplies Canada
Pearl Coating™ 17oz Sublimation Travel Mug

These 17oz sublimation travel mugs have easy-grip handles that will protect you from burning yourself with the hot liquid. They come with secure-fitting lids and can keep your coffee or hot chocolate warm during the cold winter months. Their bases are contoured to fit any automobile's cup holder.

With these mugs, you can sublimate photos, logos, text, and more so you can easily catch people's eyes.

  • Sublimatable
  • 304 stainless steel shell with plastic top and bottom inserts
  • Printable with Laser
  • Available in White
  • Hand washes only
  • Dimensions: Approx. 3.23" x 7.17" (8.2cm x 18.2cm)

Printing Method:

  • Joto Digital Mug Press - Single Station Includes 2 Elements - 11oz/15oz Mug Element
  • Joto Digital Mug Press -Single Station Includes 4 Elements - 11oz/15oz Mug Element
  • Joto Digital Mug Press -Single Station Includes 7 Elements - 11oz/15oz Mug Element
  • Joto Digital Mug Press - Dual Station Includes 5 Elements- 11oz/15oz Mug Element
  • Joto Digital Mug Press - 5 Stations - 11oz/15oz Mug Element
  • Convection Oven - Requires a Shrink Sleeve. We recommend W 5.9” x H 7.67 " (P-SUB-SF-150195).
    Please remove the lid, the bottom and the black plastic insert inside before placing it in a convection oven.
Brand Pearl Coating™
Color White
Compatible Technology Sublimation
Dependent Quantity No
Dishwasher Safe No
Dye Blocking No
FCC Attribute Yes
Ink Configuration CMY&HDK
Microwave Safe No
Mug Element 11/15 oz Mug
Printable Area 6”W x 3.3”H
Quantity Unit Sold Individually
Recommended Shrink Sleeve W 5.9” x H 7.67 " (P-SUB-SF-150195)
Self-Weeding No
SIP Attribute Yes
Size 17oz
Peel Hot
Equipment Mug Press or Convection Oven
Image Mirror
Pressure Light
Application Temperature 365°F (182°C)
Time 45 seconds
Mug Element 11/15 oz Mug
Mug Press Imaging Instructions
  1. Remove the black plastic insert inside the travel mug by unscrewing the bottom clockwise. 
  2. Design your image and print it out on sublimation paper with a sublimation ink printer. 
  3. Tape imaged sublimation paper onto white stainless steel insert with the plastic insert removed 
  4. Set the mug press at 365F for 45 seconds. If your press has an idle and press temperature setting, adjust the time accordingly
  5.  Ensure mug press has reached temperature, Place the insert into your mug press. 
  6.  Close Mug Press. 
  7. Once pressing is done, open the mug press, and take the insert out of the press. Use gloves or heat resistant cloth to handle the hot insert 
  8.  Peel sublimation paper off. and leave it to cool off completely.
  9. Install the insert onto the travel mug, then screw the bottom on anti-clockwise.
    Caution: Metal Insert is extremely hot when in the mug press, do not handle with bare hands
    Note: Temperature and time settings are only a guide/starting point, some mug presses may
Convection Oven Instructions

Press Temperature: 400°F | Time: 12-15 minutes (test in your oven for accurate time) | Peel: Hot

  1. Remove plastic top and bottom before you proceed.
  2. Tape imaged sublimation paper onto your mug. Place the image toward the mug.
  3. Place & center product inside the shrink wrap.
  4. Use a heat gun on a low setting to shrink the wrap to the contour of the product. Begin with the side away from the transfer first. Ensure the wrap only encases the sides of the product leaving the top and bottom open.
  5. Ensure that you have set the correct temperature & time for your convection oven.
  6. Place the mug into your convection oven and close the convection oven's door.
  7. Once the time is done, peel the shrink sleeve with the sublimation paper immediately.
  8. Dunk in warm water. Leave on the table to dry.

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