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Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Can Coolers - Pack of 25

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The sublimation can cooler is a versatile and practical accessory designed to keep your canned beverages cool and refreshing. Can be imaged with sublimation or transfer papers.

Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Can Coolers - Pack of 25 - Joto Imaging Supplies Canada
Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Can Coolers - Pack of 25

The can cooler is designed to fit standard-sized cans, such as soda cans or beer cans. It features a collapsible and stretchable construction that allows it to snugly wrap around the can, providing a secure fit and preventing condensation from forming on the outside.

The sublimation printing capability of the can cooler allows you to personalize it with custom designs, logos, or text. This makes it an excellent choice for promotional items, party favors, or personalized gifts. You can showcase your creativity and create unique can coolers that reflect your style or brand.

In addition to its decorative potential, the sublimation can cooler also offers functional benefits. It helps to insulate the can, keeping your drink cold for longer periods. It also provides a comfortable grip, preventing your hand from coming into direct contact with the cold can or condensation.

The can cooler is lightweight and portable, making it convenient for various occasions such as picnics, barbecues, parties, sporting events, or beach outings. It is easy to clean and maintain, as most can coolers can be washed by hand or machine washed.

Enjoy your favorite beverages in style and keep them cool with the personalized touch of a sublimation can cooler. Whether for personal use or as a promotional item, it is a practical and fashionable accessory that adds flair to your drinkware collection.

  • Size: 7.5" x 4", 3.5" Diameter
  • Can be used with sublimation or heat transfer papers/flex.
Brand Pearl Coating™
Color White
Compatible Technology Sublimation
Dependent Quantity No
Dye Blocking No
Experience Pack Text Pack
FCC Attribute Yes
Finish Matte
Ink Configuration CMY&HDK
Quantity Unit 25 can coolers/ pack
Self-Weeding No
SIP Attribute Yes
Unit Sell pack
Peel Immediate
Equipment Heat Press
Image Mirror
Pressure Light to medium
Application Temperature 400°F (205°C)
Time 35-45 seconds
Imaging Instructions

Temperature: 400ºF / Time: 35-45 seconds / Pressure: light to medium
Tips: Prepare your artwork and size transfer with consideration to the size of the item.

  • Using heat-resistant tape, fasten the item in position facing the printed side of the transfer.
  • Spread a white piece of paper on the bottom of the press.
  • Place the item on the heat press with the transfer on top of the item.
  • Cover transfer with a sheet of plain white paper.
  • Press with light to medium pressure for 35-45 seconds.
  • Remove the transfer immediately and set item to the side to cool.
    *For Can Coolers, fold the black Velcro piece to the back before pressing to avoid crushing and flattening the velcro.

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