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Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Enamel Bowl - Pack of 8

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  • 26oz
  • 40oz

Sublimatable Enamel Bowl with lid, perfect for storage. Available in two sizes.

Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Enamel Bowl - Pack of 8 - Joto Imaging Supplies Canada
Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Enamel Bowl - Pack of 8

Joto's enamel bowls are ideal to be used for storing food, as lunch boxes, dog and cat bowls.

Requires a mug convection oven.

26oz Bowl requires shrink film/sleeve - 5.9" x 9.25" (SKU: P-SUB-SF-150235)
40oz Bowl requires shrink film/sleeve - 13.2" x 5.9" (SKU: P-SUB-SF-335150)

Size: 26oz (780ml) Dimenison: 5.5” Circumference x 3.5” Height
40oz (1200ml) Dimensions: 7.5” Circumference x 2.26” Height

Brand Pearl Coating™
Color White
Compatible Technology Sublimation
Dishwasher Safe No
FCC Attribute Yes
Finish Gloss
Microwave Safe Yes
Shape Round
SIP Attribute Yes
Unit Sell case
Peel Immediate
Equipment Convection Oven
Image Mirror
Application Temperature 360°F (180°C)
Time 10 minutes
Imaging Instructions
  1. Print your design. All images should be MIRRORED.
  2. Trim image and secure it to the bowl using a heat resistant tape
  3. Wrap the bowl with the correct shrink film and use a heat gun to tighten it around the bowl
  4. Place it in the oven for 10mins at 360F
  5. After 10mins, remove the shrink film and the transfer carefully
  6. Let the bowl cool down

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