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Heat Transfer Vinyls

Heat transfer vinyl is a special kind of vinyl that is used to decorate garments, textiles and fabric items.

Whether you are looking to dive head first into customizing products as a hobby or you’re ready to upgrade your personalization business to include heat transfer vinyl application as a service, Joto’s wide range of vinyl options encompasses everything you need to turn your graphics into wearable works of art. We offer two kinds of heat transfer flex: Politape's cuttable heat transfer vinyl and printable transfer vinyl.

Cuttable heat transfer vinyl is ideal for 1-3 color logos, numbers, names, and letterings. Using a cutter, you can cut and weed out unnecessary areas off the shirt’s design, leaving the design itself alone on the carrier sheet which can be pressed onto the shirt.

Whilst printable transfer vinyl is ideal for full color logos and decals. Using a printer and a cutter or a print and cut machine, you can use this vinyl with all types of inks such as solvent, pigment, sublimation or aqueous inks!


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What are Heat Transfer Vinyls

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