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Sublimation Molding Tool (for Acrylics)

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  • Width: 16.33" (415mm) Radiant: 10.43" (265mm) for 8" x 10" / 10" x 14" (Landscape)
  • Width: 11.41" (290mm) Radiant: 17.71" (450mm) for 8" x 10" / 10" x 14" (Portrait)
  • Width: 5.31" (135mm) Radiant: 9.44" (240mm) for 5" x 7"

Sublimation Mold tools are ideal for our acrylic sheets. They are made of stainless steel preventing rust, bends, or cracks. They last long. Available in 3 Sizes.

Sublimation Molding Tool (for Acrylics) - Joto Imaging Supplies Canada
Sublimation Molding Tool (for Acrylics)

Introducing our Molding Tool for Sublimation Acrylic Sheets, a specialized tool designed to help you achieve precise and professional results when working with sublimation on acrylic sheets. This molding tool is essential for shaping and molding acrylic sheets, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish for your sublimated designs.

When using our molding tool, you can shape the sublimation acrylic sheets to create curved designs, adding dimension and visual interest to your sublimated artwork. Whether you're creating personalized plaques, signage, awards, or decorative pieces, our molding tool helps you achieve professional-looking results.

Working with sublimation acrylic sheets requires precision and attention to detail. Our molding tool ensures that the acrylic sheets conform smoothly to the desired arc shape, enhancing the visual impact of your sublimated designs. The finished products will have a polished and professional look that is sure to impress.

Invest in our Molding Tool for Sublimation Acrylic Sheets and take your sublimation artwork to the next level. Experience the joy of creating perfectly molded and shaped acrylic pieces that showcase your creativity and craftsmanship. Order your molding tool today and unlock endless possibilities in sublimation acrylic design.

Available in 3 size:

  • 5" x 7" Acrylic Sheets- Width: 5.31" (135mm) Radiant: 9.44" (240mm)
  • 8" x 10" / 10" x 14" Acrylic Sheets - Width: 11.41" (290mm) Radiant: 17.71" (450mm) (Portrait)
  • 8" x 10" / 10" x 14" Acrylic Sheets: Width: 16.33" (415mm) Radiant: 10.43" (265mm) (Landscape)
FCC Attribute Yes
SIP Attribute Yes
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